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Plumbing/Pipe Break Section

Your plumbing system is part of your insured home. When underground plumbing breaks, or a shower pan fails, it can cause serious damage. You need to know about your insurance options. Mintz Truppman can help because our experienced attorneys deal with issues like this on a daily basis.

Appliances Break

It is hard to imagine how much water can come out of a refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine, or dishwasher when it breaks. Often, the water can pool in hard to reach areas. Even if the damage caused by the water is not much, the cost to access the damages and fix the broken line can be ten times the cost of the water damage itself. If you disagree with the insurance company about how the repairs need to be performed, or what kind of flooring or cabinetry should be replaced, that is the kind of question an experienced insurance lawyer can help with.