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Fire Damage

Insurance Claims After a Fire

Mintz Truppman, P.A.
North Miami, Florida

If your property was damaged or destroyed by fire, you probably felt grateful for your insurance policy. After you submitted your claim for loss, however, you may have felt less grateful and more frustrated.

Fire damage claims are complex, and your insurance company may deny your claim for total loss, arguing that you can rebuild the property.

If you are involved in a dispute with your insurance company regarding settlement of a fire damage claim, you should consider seeking legal assistance. An experienced insurance claim lawyer will interpret the policy language and applicable law in your favor and will enlist the help of construction and fire reconstruction experts in order to build a strong case for your fire damage claim.

The Law Firm of Mintz Truppman, P.A. — A Record of Success Representing Policyholders in Fire Damage Claims

The professional law firm of Mintz Truppman, P.A., located in North Miami, Florida, is one of only a small handful of law firms in South Florida with a legal practice focusing on bad faith insurance claims, including those relating to damage claims after fires in residential or business properties. We represent homeowners, business property owners, and condominium associations.

We handle insurance claim cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not accept attorneys' fees up front, nor do we require our clients to pay in advance for the teams of experts that are often necessary in fire damage cases. We do not accept payment unless and until you receive a check from the insurance company.

Florida 's Valued Policy Law and Fire Damage Claims

Florida's valued policy law — which does not apply only to fire damage — states that the insurance company must pay the full policy limits if the structure is a "total loss." Is it a simple task to determine whether a building is a "total loss"? Contrary to popular opinion — no.

Insurance companies usually fight hard for a legal determination that the building is not a "total loss," even if it is on the verge of collapse.

The lawyers of Mintz Truppman, P.A., fight just as hard on your behalf. We keep abreast of court rulings on the valued policy law, and we are ready and able to enlist a veritable army of experts to prove that the fire damage -- or other covered cause of loss -- resulted in total loss.

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If you are seeking legal advice regarding a property damage claim after a fire or explosion on your business or residential property, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a free and confidential appointment. Call us at 305-893-5506. Or, send us an e-mail for a prompt response.