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Business Claims

Denial of Business Insurance Claims

Commercial Insurance Dispute Attorneys
North Miami, Florida

Taking the true measure of damages to a business can be a complex task. When a business property is damaged or destroyed, the financial cost is greater than the cost of repairing or rebuilding the physical structure. Additional costs may include lost rents, loss of customers, temporary or permanent moving costs, and rental fees for a temporary location.

It can be difficult to establish the cost of these types of damages, and you may find that your business insurance claim is denied or decreased by your insurance company.

Legal Advice and Representation for Business Insurance Claims

The AV-rated* law firm of Mintz Truppman, P.A., has guided South Florida businesses through complex commercial insurance disputes for more than 15 years. Our law firm began in the field of insurance company defense, which means that we have substantial knowledge about how insurance companies operate and how best to build an argument on your behalf.

If your business has been damaged or destroyed, it may be in your best financial interest to seek immediate legal advice, even before you file your claim. Or, if you have already filed your claim for business property losses, but the claim has been denied or decreased by your insurance company, our lawyers can step into the negotiations on your behalf. If negotiation proves fruitless, and if evidence points to bad faith on the part of your insurance company, then we will quickly file a lawsuit and litigate forcefully to obtain the best possible financial result.

Our law firm's practice focuses on insurance dispute litigation, and we have a long track record of success obtaining excellent results on behalf of our business clients, whether the property damage occurred as the result of fire, hurricane, water damage, mold, or another cause.

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If you are seeking legal advice regarding a business insurance dispute, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a free and confidential appointment. Call us at 305-893-5506. Or, send us an e-mail for a prompt response.